Blasted Sugar

I think I can officially consider myself a sugar addict. It used to be that I could have a little piece of chocolate, be done with it, move on and be happy. I still could do that. I do move on. I move on from the chocolate, to the bread slathered with caramelized condensed milk. I move on to the chocolate brownie cookies. And if it isn’t sweet, I move on to the pasta.

Having said that, I have one word for what I feel now. Ugh.

It’s time to clean up, detox, and get my act together, and that time is now!

So, now what? What can I do to control my urges? What to do from this point on? This post is probably a good start, but where to go from here? Should I go organic? Grain free? Paleo?

I lay here at midnight, as my husband and daughter sleep, coming to the realization that I really have got to take care of myself better. I lay here with a touch of excitement about this new “project”, with hopes that the newness of it all does not fade away. I lay here in prayer, asking God to lead me where to go from here, because truth be told, I have no idea.

Here goes!

Fragile Hearts

Well, a couple of days have gone by and no call from my hopefully future employer. I plug away.

Meantime, I’ve recently heard news of a friend’s daughter who was born with a certain heart condition, that a new abnormality was found in her heart on her last check up, and that she may need a heart cath and another surgery in the near future. My heart goes out to her as Grace also has a congenital heart condition. A day never passes without the worry of something bad happening to her heart.

Grace has been doing amazingly well despite her health issues, but everyday I pray that God protect her, and every night I thank God for keeping Grace healthy and happy. I look at her in amazement everyday. So strong, a fighter. Truly an inspiration, even at the tender age of four.

God grant us the strength and the wisdom to help Grace live a long, fruitful, happy life. And thank you, God, for trusting us enough to give us the honor of taking care of Grace. Of all the jobs I have ever had, being mommy to Grace has been the best job by far! I am so blessed!

So this is WordPress

I am here on WordPress because, truth be told, I have applied for a work-from-home job that required knowledge of WordPress. There. Cat’s out of the bag. If my hopefully future employer is reading this, I hope you take it in such a way that I am a self-motivated learner.

I am writing this particular post using the WordPress app. Also, it is the middle of the night and I can’t sleep, and when I can’t sleep, I do what I’ve been adviced to be a no-no for insomniacs…turn to electronic devices. Sorry, but if I don’t tend to my to-do list or just do a brain dump, like I am now, I really won’t sleep. So in actuality, this particular electronic device, my smartphone, actually does help me find my way to sleepy land.

Well, hopefully future employer, as predicted, I am now sleepy. Looking forward to an interview with you soon!

Abounding Grace

In all my life, in all my little victories, in all my downfalls, I’ve managed to remain in some way close to my faith, maintaining the strong belief that I am blessed and that things could be worse even in my darkest hours, which to date, I would consider to be my 3 failed pregnancies. Though inconsolable during those times, somehow I managed to pull through knowing God had better plans. And so He did! Now we have Grace. Yes, literally we have Grace! Adopted from China in 2010, John and I now could not imagine life any other way without her. This is the home of Grace, abounding Grace! And life is very sweet.


One of the referral pictures of Grace (“He Ping Xin”) sent to us from China. It was love at first sight.