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So this is WordPress

I am here on WordPress because, truth be told, I have applied for a work-from-home job that required knowledge of WordPress. There. Cat’s out of the bag. If my hopefully future employer is reading this, I hope you take it in such a way that I am a self-motivated learner.

I am writing this particular post using the WordPress app. Also, it is the middle of the night and I can’t sleep, and when I can’t sleep, I do what I’ve been adviced to be a no-no for insomniacs…turn to electronic devices. Sorry, but if I don’t tend to my to-do list or just do a brain dump, like I am now, I really won’t sleep. So in actuality, this particular electronic device, my smartphone, actually does help me find my way to sleepy land.

Well, hopefully future employer, as predicted, I am now sleepy. Looking forward to an interview with you soon!