Blasted Sugar

I think I can officially consider myself a sugar addict. It used to be that I could have a little piece of chocolate, be done with it, move on and be happy. I still could do that. I do move on. I move on from the chocolate, to the bread slathered with caramelized condensed milk. I move on to the chocolate brownie cookies. And if it isn’t sweet, I move on to the pasta.

Having said that, I have one word for what I feel now. Ugh.

It’s time to clean up, detox, and get my act together, and that time is now!

So, now what? What can I do to control my urges? What to do from this point on? This post is probably a good start, but where to go from here? Should I go organic? Grain free? Paleo?

I lay here at midnight, as my husband and daughter sleep, coming to the realization that I really have got to take care of myself better. I lay here with a touch of excitement about this new “project”, with hopes that the newness of it all does not fade away. I lay here in prayer, asking God to lead me where to go from here, because truth be told, I have no idea.

Here goes!